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CSI Board Meeting
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C. Miller Euler, CSI

Charter member & President, East Tennessee-Knoxville Chapter

Miller Euler was a Knoxville architect who worked at TVA in the 1950s. He was very interested in specification writing and had the opportunity to write specifications for a number of Knoxville architectural firms in his spare time. He encouraged a number architects who were interested in specifications to join the National organization of CSI, as there was no local chapter. In 1958 Euler organized the local architects who were CSI members and in 1959 chartered the East Tennessee-Knoxville Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute.

Euler served as the first president of the Knoxville chapter from 1959-1960. He created the chapter newsletter and served many years as the editor of the Speck. At that time, the Speck was published on green paper, the colors of CSI. The green and white is used to this day in the ribbon adorning the Fellowship medal.

The Miller Euler Award is given annually at the Knoxville Chapter awards banquet. The award is named after our first president of the Knoxville Chapter to honor the work that he did on our behalf. "This award is given to a person who has rendered outstanding and significant service to the chapter over a long period of time". This statement personifies Miller Euler, a specification writer, an organizer, a communicator, and the catalyst that made the Knoxville Chapter come into being.